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U.G. Krishnamurti Streaming Audio
Archive 1

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updated March 14, 2002

Audio Books

Title of The Book Duration
in mins.
Access Download
Mystique of Enlightenment 6 hrs. Click Here Click Here
Mind is a Myth
5 hrs. 10 mins Click Here Click Here

updated March 14, 2002

Title of Talk Duration
in mins.
UG Interviewed by Willem de Ridder
Amsterdam, Holland
Jan. 18, 2002
116 Click Here
Interview by Donald Ingram Smith
March 7th 1990
29 Click Here
Palm Reading
in Australia

29 Click Here
UG Interviewed by Willem de Ridder and Byron Katie
Amsterdam, Holland, 1998
49 Click Here
Interview by Susan Dean of KHFM Radio
April 19th 1991
32 Click Here
UG Musing About Effects of "Calamity"
11 Click Here
Conversation with Some French People 37 Click Here
Talking to an Unknown Individual 37 Click Here

Following collection of Audio Files
Till Dec. 2001

Note: Following NEW streaming audios which you can hear

Title of TalkDuration
in mins.
The File
Interview by Susan Dean of KHFM Radio
April 19th 1991
32Click Here Click Here
Radio Interview
11,14,101 2 3 1 2 3
I don't feel Jealous8Click Here Click Here
Living in Your Own World3Click Here Click Here
What is an Unnatural State2Click Here Click Here
Enthusiastic Newspaper Interview--1967-68 Gstaad75,73,681,2,3 1,2,3
Conversation With UG
Gstaad, Switzerland, Sept. 9, 1967
81Click Here Click Here
UG's Discussion With Douglas & White77Click Here Click Here
Conversation between UG & David Bohm
August 17, 1968
Experiences after Calamity
170Click Here Click Here
A conversation between UG & Paul Collins
Sydney, Australia, March 15, 1990
Fundamental Mistake of Mankind
27Click Here Click Here
Conversation between UG & Willem de Ridder
Thought is Destructive
49Click Here Click Here
Interview with UG by George Gray
April 1992
Are you an Individual?
21Click Here Click Here
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