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No Teaching Yoga
Melissa Forbes

"No Teaching Yoga", part memoir, part practice, part personal narrative, introduces us to Melissa Forbes, yoga practitioner, educator, and artist and her journey to experience "true Yoga".

She reviews the roots of the practice of yoga, from the pre-classic to the modern period of today, and shares with us her own yoga pilgrimage around the world, exploring her time with UG Krishnamurti,the last five years of his life. He was declared a Jivamukti, liberated being, who gave her glimpses of Union and how a person functioned who was in the "natural state".

She challenges us to move beyond the popular Western perception of yoga as a fitness program and embrace the return to the original primary goal of yoga oneness of self with cosmic consciousness.

Central to the book are the Miracle Combinations, eight new practices gleaned from her years of study and personal reflection, adorned with Melissa's intricate jewel-like paintings of yantras in a Vedic square integrated with the Mayan teachings of Light Language (sacred geometry).

Published by Gather Insight, January 2011.

Author's Note

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