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Many people known and unknown have  contributed generously with their efforts, time and good wishes to create this Website. Following are the persons who have contributed directly--List in alphabetical order:

Agrawal, Purbi: Purbi designed the site and created the graphics which are now on the Website.

Arms, Paul: Helped in selection of the photographs and gave encouragement for this project. Recently he has been helping with editing of video clips to be streamed from this website. Email:

Carr, Robert: Collected all the photographs from different sources, helped in initial sorting out of the large collection of the photographs. Recently he has been editing video clips which are streamed from this Website. Email:

K. Chandrashekar Babu: UG's archiver, was the main source of photographs. Most importantly, he selected and collected all the quotations which appear on the Website. Email:

Laurillard, Tristan: Cavorting audio tapes into real audio format so they can be streamed. Helped in programming for the website and is setting up a forum so that people interested in UG may exchange their views. Email:

Mehta Raj: Webmaster for the site. Conceived and aided in the design of the Website. Email:

Moorty, Narayan: Editorial help has been invaluable. Made suggestions which gave finishing touch to the Website. Email:

Soloman, David: Put up the streaming video clips on the NET. Email:

Thayer, Julie: Contributed photographs and gave general suggestions for the Website. She is also contributing to the videos which are streamed from this website.

UG: Made helpful suggestions. Of course, without him the Website would not be.

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