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God Men Con Men

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Author: Robert Carr

Robert Carr's unusually engaging life has spanned a good part of the 20th century and continues on into the 21st: Artist, magician, television producer, world-traveler, spiritual explorer and teacher, restaurateur - Robert has not simply dabbled but delved deeply with sensitivity into the many facets of his checkered career. His story reveals details of the deep impact made on his life and person by the two great spiritual exponents of our era, J. Krishnamurti and U.G.Krishnamurti. A tale told with scorching honesty and colloquial informality, it is a must read for anyone on life's secular and spiritual journey

- From the back cover

This essential reading for the spiritually-inclined is accompanied by a Video CD of conversations by the author with the great spiritual sage of our times, U.G. Krishnamurti.

The Included Video CD

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" Where is the visionary who can point the way forward and give us the answers to all our burning questions? Robert's life story suggests that there is only one place to look. Improbable as it might seem at first, we have to be our own shamans, our own seers. What does one do after reading such a book? I think we learn to take responsibility for our own plight. Taking the reins of one's own life requires courage. This book will ignite that in you. It is like a grenade flung into the spiritual supermarket: It will jolt you!"

- Mahesh Bhatt