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U.G Krishnamurti, an enigma--a person who defies all classifications--a philosopher, a Non-guru, guru, call him what you may. But, once you have read even a few words, seen a photo of his, your psyche will never be the same. He will permeate your being. His words and images will infect your mind like a virus. So, proceed with caution in exploring these conversations, quotes and photo

UG inspired Yoga book by Melissa Forbes Updated June 8, 2012

Read a very lucid LL's review of the book by Louis Brawley "Goner"

A digitally cleaned up audio of UG's Talk Give-Up by Roshan Naik

Devastating Wisdom - New collection of quotes from UG edited by Robert Epstein

A Bouquet for UG by Surjeet Nagpal March 2011

New DVD on UG- Best Of UG- by Bob Carr

Download Audio Talk by UG-"Giveup" about 4 hrs.duration. After listening to this you may not listen to anything else ever.

A New Book by Mahesh Bhatt is About to Be Released -
A Taste of Life - About the last Eight Days of UG's Life A Must Read Book about UG.

Book Launched: March 22, 2009
UG Says...
Compiled by Arun Babani; Published by Indus Source Books

Check out Robert C. Smit's impressions of UG:

Recent Book:
Mukunda Rao has come out with two new books on UG:
The Other Side of Belief & UG Krishnamurti Reader

Published by Penguin Books India. Penguin Books India. is the Indian affiliate of the internationally renowned Penguin Group.

To get some idea of about these books, suggest you check out the introduction of "The Other Side of Belief" & UG Krishnamurti Reader

End Of An Era: Update - May 30, 2007
Ambiance in Italy, Feb.-Mar 2007
End Of An Era

On March 22, 2007 at 2.30 pm in Italy UG passed away. Please read more details in the on the Obituary page.
Some experssion from friends about his passing. Click Here.

This website presents U.G. Krishanamurit's conversations-- both in
and Audio Formats and some Qu
otes and photos.
This is possibly the largest archive on the NET of this kind.
UG Sings His Song
"The Mind is a Myth" now avaialble on this site in Polish Translation
Want to Get UG Related Books? Check out Smriti Book- Click Here
View the photos in form of slide show of recent visit of
UG to India Dec.2004-Jan.2005

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audio books
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There is a main site which hosts practically all his works. If the material here interest you--you may want to look at the main site.

Please note that U.G. Krishnamurti is not interested in promoting himself via this website (and other related activities) or any other means. This website is result of some people who know UG and want to see his works be available for anyone who wishes to explore.

For any suggestions and critique of this site contact the webmaster
DR. Raj Mehta